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About VB SOLAR :

SOLAR AND ELECTRONICS REVOLUTION is based in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. We manufacture, distribute/ supply and install solar energy systems in the entire northern region of our nation Bharat. Since inception in 2010, we have been installing Solar Energy Systems and creating awareness among people regarding use of Solar Energy devices.
The founders believe in producing green energy from Solar Energy devices in order to cater the energy needs of all the sections of the society. The production & use of Solar Energy reduces the consumption of fossil fuels. This in turn provides a clean and healthy environment.
 We have efficient sales and technical teams to support and give dedicated services to our esteemed clients. We have dedicated service centers in various towns.

We offer a wide range of Solar Energy Products that includes solar water heating systems both ETC (Evacuated Tube Collectors) and FPC (Flat Plate Collectors) for commercial, institutional and domestic applications. In addition to this, we provide Solar power plants, Solar Inverters, Solar Garden Lights, Solar Street Light, Solar Panels and Solar Lanterns.

Mission :

To attain and retain the trust of our esteemed clients by providing quality products and timely after sales service in order to establish everlasting bonds with our clients.

For us - Excellence is the bottom line……..

Vision :

To provide green energy to all the sections of the society and contribute in spreading awareness about the use of solar energy for various applications, in order to have a clean and green world to live for everyone.