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VB SOLAR Security Fencing :

Solar Fencing is a wonderful and feasible way to protect farm land or boundary from men or animals. It is widely used for protection from wild animals like blue bull, monkeys, elephants, wild bores etc.

The energizer powers the fence with a high voltage pulse every 1.2 seconds, any animal/men which come in contact with the fence while trying to enter the field/boundary receives a painful but safe shock. Fence is not only a physical but also a psychological barrier preventing animal intrusion.

VB Solar Fencing is equipped with regular current flow and alarm control which deters unwanted intrusion of human beings and animals.

♦ Fence Level monitor- Designed energy level on the fence effectively deters human beings and animals.
♦ Round the clock vigilance- The VB Solar Fence works throughout the day on a 24/7 basis without a break.
♦ Environment friendly- VB Solar System for crop damage control work on solar energy. The System is completely eco-friendly, reducing man-animal conflicts, protecting not only crops but also wild animals.
♦ Quality System- Effective design, use of high quality components and proper installation ensure long life of parts and the fence.
♦ Fence maintenance- VB Solar system consumes very little power and do not require continuous maintenance. The only requirement is to keep the fencing clear of vegetation.
♦ Our technical team provides prompt service and support. We also undertake annual operational maintenance contracts through our authorized dealers for regular upkeep of the Solar Power Fence.